We accept many Insurance Policies. 
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Insurance Coverage



Q:        Will services be covered by my insurance plan?


            A:        Medical eye exams (Diabetic, Glaucoma, Cataract, Eye infections, etc.) are covered by health insurance plans. 

           Routine eye exams (no medical diseases of the eye) are covered by vision plans or self pay.  Please refer to the insurance plan provider participation list.



Q:        Will I have to pay on the day of my eye exam or procedure?


            A:        Our policy is to collect an estimate of patient liability (copay, deductible, co-insurance etc.), at the time of service, based on information obtained from your insurance plan. 



Q:        What is a refraction service and is it covered by my insurance plan?


            A:        The refraction service is one of the most important parts of your eye exam.  It is the part of the exam by which we determine whether you can be helped in any way by a new glasses prescription.  It is also how we determine the best possible visual acuity and function of your eye and is essential medical information for us to have as we assess your eyes and look for problems.  Medicare does not cover this service.  Some insurance carriers do cover the service.  If and once it is determined that your insurance plan does not cover refraction services, we will collect this charge from you directly.  Our current charge for refractions is $25.00